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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I reserve an apartment?

A. Once you decide on a suitable home the first step is filling out a rental application. Be prepared to put down a deposit at this time in the amount of one month’s rent. An application will only be considered with a deposit. Expect to have a credit report pulled on each applicant and co-signers if applicable.

Q. Why do I need a co-signer?

A. A co-signer is needed when the applicant is not financially capable to meet the terms on the lease.

Q. Who am I co-signing for?

A. In Ma when you sign a lease you sign it jointly and severely. This means that everyone on the lease is responsible for the rent in its entirety.

Q. Why do you check my credit?

A. Credit checks are required by the landlord or managing agent to determine how an applicant handles his or hers financial responsibilities.

Q. When is the deposit check cashed?

A. At this stage in the rental among other things Boston’s Best Realty acts in the capacity as escrow agent. Many landlords and property managers require the application along with a Boston’s Best Realty company check to take a property off the market. If the application is denied your deposit is refunded in full.

Q. What are the deposit monies for?

A. Generally a landlord may require up front deposits on an apartment. Typically a tenant pays first months rent, last month rent of the lease, a one month security deposit, and possibly a key deposit. These monies are forwarded to the landlord prior to your occupancy.

Q. Why are all the monies due prior to occupancy?

A. Landlords require that all monies be paid up front to ensure that their apartment is rented. The landlord or managing agent may require all up front money to be paid 30-45 days from lease signing. It is in your best interest to pay these deposits on time to fully secure the rental.

Q. Where do we send our rent checks?

A. Rent checks are normally due on by the first of each month and are to be paid to the landlord or managing agent. Please refer to the front page of your lease for that information.

Q. When do we get our security deposit back?

A. Ma law dictates that if a security deposit is taken it must be returned within 30 days from expiration of the lease. You should contact your landlord prior to lease ending with a forwarding address.

Q. What is the rental fee for?

A. Boston’s Best Realty provides a service to assist you in finding an apartment. In consideration of these services Boston’s Best Realty charges a finders fee of one months rent. If the owner or managing agent pays any portion of that amount your responsibility is less that amount.

Q. Is the area safe?

A. Boston’s Best Realty does not knowingly place tenants in an area that they would feel uncomfortable. For information concerning crime statistics please check out

Q. Can we paint the apartment?

A. That is up to each individual landlord or managing agent. We do not recommend doing this without written approval from the landlord or managing agent.

Q. Who is responsible for repairs?

A. The landlord or managing agent is responsible for all repairs due to normal ware and tare. The tenant is responsible for any repairs due to their own negligence.

Q. Can we move into the apartment prior to our lease

A. The current tenants lease usually goes until midnight of any given month. Any other arrangement must be made between the new tenants and the outgoing tenants. If the apartment is vacant the landlord may require you to pay a pro rated amount.